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Farms in Carinthia


The Austrian province Carinthia is the optimal holiday destination for the whole family. Tremendous lakes, mountains and skiing areas are in this region. Carinthia offers in each season tremendous possibilities: numerous outdoor sport activities, a excellent gastronomy and hotel business and also entertainment for every age is offered here.
A holiday on a farm offers an alternative to the normal family holiday in a hotel. Nature pure, fresh air, breathtaking landscapes, fresh biological products, and so on expect you at a country holiday. Here is the ideal opportunity to experience once the own land. You mustn’t go far away for a relaxing family holiday.
Especially for children is the holiday on a farm exciting. The close contact to the native animals and the exciting every day on a farm are a really adventure for children. If helping in the stable, bake a cake, supply the animals or experience the nature, for children are here many things to discover. Besides the children learn here something about agriculture, animals, plants, land and population of their home.
An alternative to the life on a farm in the country is a trip to the regional capital of Carinthia, Klagenfurt. Numerous exhibitions, museums and sights can be admired here. Musicale events like theatre performances, concerts or musicals look for the musical entertainment.

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